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Thethief’s( )ofguiltclosedthecase.

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Section B

Directions: There are ten blanks in the following letter. You are required to choose the best one from the given four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Then write down the correct answer in the brackets. This section totals 10 points, one point for each blank.

Dear Mr. Bush

Thank you for your 1 of January 5 for our Beauty Brand Blouses.

We are now exporting 2 of various brands, among which Beauty Brand is the most famous. They are in great 3 abroad and our stocks are running 4 quickly. They are popular not only for their novel design, but also for the reasonable prices. We are confident that once you have tried our blouses, you will place repeat orders with us 5 large quantities.

As you requested, we are now 6 as follows:

Price: US$600 per dozen CIF New York

Terms of Payment: By sight L/C to be opened through a bank to be 7 by the Sellers.

Shipment: In March 2007.

Please note that we do not allow any commission 8 our blouses, but a discount of 5% may be 9 if the quantity is more than 1,000 dozen.

The above offer is made without 10 and is subject to our final confirmation.

We hope that you will place an order with us at an early date.

Sincerely yours

( )1. A. request B. enquiry C. acquisition D. requirement

( )2. A. blouses B. woman blouses C. woman shirts D. lady shirts

( )3. A. need B. want C. require D. demand

( )4. A. up B. off C. down D. away

( )5.A. at B. for C. in D. with

( )6. A. ordering B. offering C. placing D. advising

( )7. A. agreed B. approved C. acceptable D. covered

( )8. A. on B. in C. of D. at

( )9. A. provided B. supplied C. furnished D. granted

( )10. A. promise B. duty C. engagement D. onus






















Thereisno( )betweenthenations.

Thethief’s( )ofguiltclosedthecase.

Read the text about career-planning services.

Choose the best sentence from the opposite page to fill each of the gaps .

For each gap 9– 14, mark one letter (A-H) on your Answer Sheet .

Do not use any letter more than once .

There is an example at the beginning .(0)

Your Career Path Can Lead You Anywhere

We used to be advised to plan our careers. We were told to make a plan during the later stages of our education and continue with it through our working lives.(0)_____ some people still see careers in this way. However, to pursue a single option for life has always been unrealistic.

Planning for a single career assumes that we set out with a full understanding of our likes and dislikes and the employment opportunities open to us. (9)____ For most people this degree of certainty about the future does not exist.

Our initial choice of career path and employer is often based on inadequate knowledge and false perceptions. But with age and experience, we develop new interests and aptitudes and our priorities alter. The structure of the employment market and, indeed of employment itself, is subject to change as both new technologies and new work systems are introduced (10) _____ We must face the uncertainties of a portfolio career.

It is clear from the recent past that we cannot foresee the changes which will affect our working lives. The pace of change is accelerating , as a result of which traditional career plans will be of very limited use. (11)_____ They will need updating to reflect changes in our own interests as well as in the external work environment. Flexible workers already account for about half the workforce. (12)______ We are likely to face periods as contract workers, self-employed freelances, consultants, temps or part-timers.

Many employers encourage staff to write a personal development development (PDP) (13)_____ Although some people use it only to review the skills needed for their job, a PDP could be the nucleus of wider career plan –setting out alternative long-term learning needs and a plan of self-development.

A report issued by the Institute of Employment Studies advises people to enhance their employability by moving from traditional technical skills towards the attainment of a range of transferable skills. (14)_____ Instead, special schemes should be established to encourage people to examine their effectiveness and to consider a wider range of needs.

0 A B C D E F G H

A This dual effect means that the relationship between employers and workers has evolved to such and extent that we can no longer expect a long-term relationship with one employer.

B. It carries an implicit assumption that we ourselves, and the jobs we enter, will change little during our working lives.

C. This growth suggests that a career plan should not be expressed only in terms of full-time employment but should make provision for the possibility of becoming one of the.

D this is a summary of one’s personal learning needs and an action plan to meet them.

E Consequently, they must now accommodate a number of objectives and enable us to prepare for each on a contingency basis.

F However, it warns that employers often identify training needs through formal appraisals, which take too narrow a view of development.

G . Such a freelance of consultant would be constantly in demand.

H We were expected to work towards that one clear goal and to consider a career change as a bad thing.